Sunday, April 28, 2013

sunday randoms

This weekend was one that was good for the soul. I spent Saturday evening surrounded by people I love who love me back. We shared some food (there's always too much food), not unrelated I'll be eating samosas until June, but you will not hear me complain one bit about it because samosas=awesome. There were a lot of laughs and maybe a tear or three as well because my friends are lovely and just as sappy as I can be. I collected hugs like a bandit, but unfortunately did not become an instant millionaire. Still awesome night though.

So I had one kid begging to be allowed to go to bed in the middle of the festivities and the other partied until she passed out on the couch. I'll let you guess which one was which. It's very likely a peek into my future. One will be in bed early on a Friday night the other will routinely sneak in past curfew.

We're also giving facebook a try. We had a long talk this afternoon about the appropriate way to use it. This tween stuff is hard and interesting and fun and hard.

I may be turning into a baseball fan. How did that happen? Go Jays go!

How was your weekend?


Betsy said...

Mine was good. Busy, but I like it that way. =)

Lynn said...

Oooh, is it Abby who is trying Facebook? I'm really interested to hear how it goes. Our son hasn't mentioned any interest in that yet, but our much-more-social daughters are, I'm sure, more likely to want to get involved at a young age. What are your rules? How is she handling it? Do you find you're having to set time limits?