Wednesday, May 29, 2013

and it gets awesomer

Maya comes home from school today and I am tap tap tapping away at my laptop working on Touch a Truck and not paying 100% attention. I'm also somewhat absently eating an apple. Suddenly I stop and look at her....

Me: What did you say?
Maya: Maya would like to try an apple.
Me: For serious?
Maya: Yes, please.

Now bear in mind this is a child who has only about seven acceptable foods on her "to eat" list and none of the seven are a fruit or a veg.

Me: Uh, okay. Would you like me to cut it up?
Maya: Sure.

So I cut it up and I hand it to her and then I sit and silently watch her while she takes a bite. I'm almost afraid to ask, but I do anyway.

Me: Well, do you like it.
Maya: Yep!

The thump you heard was me falling off my chair, yet again. Then I got up, sat back down and watched her eat the rest of it. Three hours later she is saying to me.... Mom, is it okay if I take an apple in my lunch?

Oh, heck yes it is!

This is totally the year of awesome.


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Betsy said...

That is wonderful!!

Bibliomama said...

I have a kids with very limited acceptable food range also, and I TOTALLY GET this. Happy apple dance!

Lynn said...

That is so awesome, and inspirational! What I love about Maya's recent food adventures is the way you've been so patient with her - I'm sure there were frustrating days when you begged her to JUST EAT ALREADY, but you seem so cool and supportive and gentle with her now, I think it's creating a lovely atmosphere for her to try stuff. Now THAT'S great parenting :).

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