Friday, May 31, 2013

because of course they were

Three mornings a week we get the kids up with us in the morning and drop them off at the sitter's on our way to work. The other two mornings Grandma Sandi comes over to get them on the bus and they get to sleep in. As you can imagine there is much whining and complaining on the sitter mornings. Why do they have to get up? They want to sleep longer. Why can't I just quit work and stay home so they don't have to get up so early. Lather, rinse, repeat three mornings a week.

I booked today off work so I could help out at MI Day at the school. It's a day of fun and new learning experiences for the kids. It was also a day for the kids to sleep in. No early morning wake up calls. No dragging sleepy cranky kids out of their warm beds. I woke up at my regular work time so I could deal with some emails, have a cup of tea and a bite of breakfast before they woke.

Any guesses what happened instead?

I hit the hallway and Abby was just climbing out of her bed and Maya was already up, downstairs and dressed.

What. The. Hell.


Kaci said...

HA! Sounds like my house. This Saturday we had a race...had to be out of the house by 6:30...everyone was ready at 6:15.

Goofball said...

so how much earlier do they need to get up for that?

Betsy said...

Sounds about right. Alivia has gotten really bad about getting up in the morning.