Sunday, June 02, 2013

sunday randoms

Got to spend not quite enough hours with nephew Elliot yesterday. Curse Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel for living so far away when they are perfectly good houses for sale just up the street. Jerks.

I will always prefer home baked cookies to commercially baked ones, but there is something special about an Oreo, isn't there. I may have eaten three already today.

Started watching Sons of Anarchy this past weekend. Love Katey Sagal in this... certainly left Peg Bundy behind her with this one. Related.... she looks damn good too!!

Tie dying with all the kids at Abby and Maya's school was a hoot, but my hands won't be over it for days and days yet.

Less than three weeks until The Abster and I walk in the Relay for Life for the Canadian Cancer Society and we are still collecting pledges. No donation is too small. Please help us meet our goal.

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Betsy said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend! I love baby snuggles. =)