Tuesday, May 21, 2013

family fun night

I love our weekly trips to the library. I'm endlessly fascinated by what the girls pick out all on their own. These days we hit the door and every one scatters to their different areas of interest. Maya has been on a real Robert Munsch kick, which I'm enjoying as much as she is. This week she came home with the Paper Bag Princess which we've read many times and own a copy of ourselves, but this one had a different lay out so it required a borrow.

Abby spends a lot of time looking through the documentaries and even borrowed pilates to try, but then she broke her thumb so we never gave it a go after all. She's intrigued by the Boy in the Bubble, but it hasn't been in the last few times we've gone. She's also checking out the classics and by classics I mean movies that we're big when Mike and I were kids. On tap for this weekend... Raiders of the Lost Ark..... on Blue Ray!

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