Monday, May 20, 2013

instagram monday - cast

This cast, it shall be the death of me. It's cracked now, right through Poppa's signature. The end near her elbow is squishy. The hospital says it's okay as it's still intact surrounding her break, but it's making me a tad paranoid. Everyone seems surprised when they see the size of it. That?! they say, That for just a broken thumb?! And Mike and I just nod our heads because what the heck do we know? We didn't go to upstairs medial college. Only four more days until we see the plastic surgeon I can't even imagine what he's going to have to say.

Collected signatures like it was her job. #brokenthumb


Betsy said...

Well, at least you know it's protected. =) Praying all goes well when you see the surgon.

Leah said...

I assume it's because they need to make sure NOTHING near the thumb moves, which means limiting the entire forearm. When Jared strained the tendon is his elbow, they put him in a wrist brace for three days, because it limited the twisting movement of his arm, and kept him from trying to bear weight with the arm (they said kids in slings tend to reach and grab for things regardless, but the wrist brace made it trickier for him to do that). LOL I'm sure Abby is anxious to have it off ASAP!!!