Monday, June 17, 2013

instagrm monday - touch a truck

I volunteer a lot and I never seem to be in for just a little bit. I always end up being some larger size piece of the puzzle. Volunteering for me is important. I have said many times that I don't have an unlimited bank account to financially support all the causes that are dear to my heart, but I do have skills that I can put to their good use. And for me because I can, I feel I should.

I have loved all of my adventures in volunteering. They usually involve people who are already very important to me like my girls ML and JB, Mike's family and of course all my Jersey Girls. I help raise thousands of dollars per year for our school and the Canadian Cancer Society and I am incredibly proud of that. Incredibly proud of the fun people I get to work with to accomplish that. Volunteering has also introduced me to lots of new fun people that I probably wouldn't have the opportunity to meet otherwise. So to circle the wagons back around...... volunteering, for me, is a good thing.

This weekend was something special. It was the third Touch a Truck that this committee that I am a part of has put together and leading up to Saturday I had a really good feeling about it. Here's the thing about Touch a Truck, it's a tremendous amount of work to put together especially heading into the last few weeks and even still you have no idea, no control over what's going to happen.Trucks break down, drivers have to take out an unexpected load or they're caught somewhere in the states or in another province. It's nerve wracking. So while I had a good feeling going into it that doesn't mean I wasn't a knot of anxiety Saturday morning as we hurried trying to get everyone into place.

Then all of the sudden it's 10am and the gates are open and it was just a steady stream of people coming in all day. I snapped this picture about 30 minutes after we opened for the day and look at all the people already. I am so proud of the people I get to work with on this project from the companies and drivers who bring such fun and enthusiasm to this event and of course the organizing committee who are just rock stars in addition to being super fun to be around. I am so lucky that I get to be a part of all of this.The best part though...... I was right to feel good going into this year's event. We nearly doubled what we brought in last year. Double. I still can't believe it. 



Chantal said...

That is awesome Shan! Contrats to you and your team!

Betsy said...

That is wonderful!! =)

Shan said...

Thanks ladies. I am so proud of everyone involved.