Sunday, June 16, 2013

sunday randoms

Well Friday and Saturday were just a whirlwind! Today I did as little as possible. After all the sun and walking and worrying I did I'd earned it.

Abby did drag me out of bed early to so I could help her make breakfast for Mike. We hadn't done groceries yet and the week before was a fly by the seat of your pants sort of grocery trip, so it was slim pickin's. We did manage scrambled eggs and toast though, so it wasn't a total wash.

The kids of course had cards for Mike. Abby gave him some coupons. He put the Dad's choice one to work right away and got her to clean the living room, then I didn't feel so bad about napping this afternoon.

Yep, I napped while he cleaned up the kitchen and kept an eye on the kids. He knows I've been working my tail off this past week to get everything organized for Touch a Truck, not to mention he's just awesome.

Well it's all over now. Abby has the okay to go back to running and riding and gym class. And thus concludes our first broken bone experience. Her toe is much better as well. She still has some pain if she puts too much weight on that toe, but otherwise she's good.

And we are down to days until The Abster and I walk all night in the Relay for Life. We are within $70 of our goal. Please consider donating.

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