Friday, June 28, 2013


What kind of MommyBlogger would I be if I neglected to blog about my kids' report cards? A piss poor one, that's what. Just to back track for a moment....


This is how we started the year, with two little girls who were looking forward to a year spent in grade one and grade five. Not surprisingly Abby and Maya are two very different kids when it comes to school. They both enjoy it very much but the fundamentals of the learning process are a bit easier for one and a bit more challenging to the other. They are both very hard workers who try their very best, are polite and kind classmates and they both have a very good rapport with the teaching staff at their school. If that was all I had to said I'd call it a win because they can go on and have many jobs and careers in their lives, but if they aren't going to be out in the world being decent and kind people I've failed as a parent. To my way of thinking anyway.

And that's a wrap. Last day of grade 5 and grade 1.

So here we are at the end of June and I have two girls who are looking forward to a summer off before heading into grade six (Can you believe that Miss M?) and grade two. The same from the above paragraph is still all true and their reports reflected that. Maya came home with six A's, the rest B's and I am remarkably proud of her. She is one smart cookie. She's quick to figure things out on her own and there is not much that gets past her. She loves to read and do school work of any kind. I'm actually surprised she hasn't pulled out the at home summer school workbooks yet. She needs very little direction or encourgement when it comes to all things school related if anything Mike and I are the ones asking if we can take a break from the school work for a while.

And then we have Abby who pulled every single mark up (with the exception of one) from her last report card. Additionally her learning skills and work habits are top notch, almost straight E's (excellent). I get the sense that maybe things are starting to click into place for her. She is enjoying reading more then she has in the past, but it's not a major love of hers. Art is one of her big loves at school, but I would have to say French class gives Art a run for it's money. She got off the bus on report card day and said, Mom I'm sorry, but I opened my report card on the bus. I just couldn't wait until I got home to find out what my mark in French was and Mom it's an A-. I got an A-!! It was her only A and in fact the only A she got all year and it's worth more than a million bucks. She was so incredibly proud of herself. I'm so stinkin' proud of her too, but you could tell she didn't need me to be. She knew that she worked hard and tried her best and her marks reflected that. It is up there with my top parenting moments, seeing how proud she was of herself.

I couldn't have asked for a better report card for either one of them. I am thankful for the teaching staff at our little school because they are fantastic. I feel lucky that my kids have the opportunity to go there. I'm looking forward to my summer break from school volunteering, but I won't lie I have ideas already brewing for next year. I love that I have the chance to lend a hand and make a difference in the learning environment for all the students. Happy summer break everyone!


Marah Montague said...

This brings back memories from QR for me! I'm happy they're both doing well :) If you ever need someone for Abbey to sketch or do art with, I'm around for the summer!!!

Betsy said...

Woo hoo for good report cards!

Goofball said...

way to go! congratulations to both of them