Monday, July 01, 2013

maya's bucket list

 Last summer I declined an invitation for the kids and I to walk in a parade only to have Maya say to me... Actually Mom, my dream has always been to be in a parade. Unfortunately we had that conversation at the very end of parade season for us. There was nothing to be done about Maya's new item on her bucket list until the next summer. Fast forward to the first parade of the summer and it's only days after Abby rips her toenail most of the way off. She wasn't going to be able to walk the entire parade route, Mike was pulling the float and I didn't know of Maya would be comfortable with the other folks walking so we sat the first one out, but I make arrangements for her to be in the Canada Day parade in the next little town over. I figure it's perfect for her because it's a shorter route and a smaller crowd then the other two parades the fair participates in.


I'm not going to lie I was fully expecting her to bail out at the last minute, but like JB said the day before she's a totally different kid these days. Maya and I showed up a handful of minutes before the parade was due to start. Mike and Abby were already there and had filled everyone in on Maya and her bucket list so they all made a big deal about her being there which was totally cute. Abby got her suited up with an apron and pencils and then we just had to wait.


She was very excited to be there until we actually turned the corner onto the parade route, then she was a bit unsure. There were lots of people, lots of noise and she wasn't quite sure what to do. Abby is a seasoned veteran when it comes to handing pencils out so she took Maya under her wing and showed her the ropes.


In no time Maya was handing out pencils like a pro. And she wanted to give a pencil to every single person she came across so we fell behind quickly which meant this Mama was doing a lot of running ahead to get more pencils.


She took her job very seriously and had a great time. Also totally cute that the rest of the crew knew not to give Grandma Linda and Poppa a pencil so Maya could get to do it.


Maya is a lot like me in so many ways and I know not that long ago this is something that she just wouldn't have been able to do so today just did my heart so much good.


Year of awesome for sure!


Julie said...

way to go maya! awesome to start crossing things off your bucket list so early! ;)

Cassie said...

That is awesome!

Betsy said...

Woo hoo way to go Maya!