Monday, July 08, 2013

epic weekend

Sunday we held a Meet the Baby Open House instead of having a traditional baby shower for Auntie Mel and Uncle Dave. Let me tell you folks, that is totally the way to go if you have a similar life event coming up. People came and went, had some eats, visited and there was no games, no marathon present openings. The baby got passed around and lots of hugs were exchanged. I highly highly recommend this.

This weekend also marked Elliot's first road trip and sleepover, both of which he handled like a champ because he is super awesome like that. This Auntie got lots of snuggle time in, but it truly wasn't long enough. It probably never will be since the hipsters like to live so far away.

If I wrote a thousand words I could probably not adequately explain to you how much that little man means to this family. He's like the most anticipated movie of the summer times fifty. I think the absolute world of my brother and his amazing wife and I am endlessly appreciative of the wonderful relationship they have built with Abby and Maya despite being so far away. I cannot wait to watch their journey with Elliot unfold before my very eyes and I can only hope to be able to return half of what they have given to me. They will be a tough act to follow in the Auntie/Uncle game that is for sure.

We also attended a 50th anniversary party for my Aunt and Uncle at which I had the pleasure of snapping some pictures of them with their entire wedding party. How amazing is that, that they could all be together for such a special occasion.

So it looks like my oven is well and truly broken now, so I spent Saturday night baking gluten free cupcakes in my toaster oven. Twenty-four cupcakes, six at a time. That is true love right there. I know Auntie Mel appreciated it and not just because I sent the leftovers home with her.

It's been many many years since I changed a little boy's diaper so I was a little rusty, but managed to avoid any direct hits so we'll call it a win.

On top of Elliot this weekend was full of lots of family that I don't get to see all that often. Cousins from in town, cousins from out of town. Sometimes we had to stop and do some figuring about how we actually we related and then how long it had been since we'd seen each other. The kids got slipped some ice cream money and Maya was voluntarily hugging people whether she knew them or not.

It was just another run of the mill weekend in the year of awesome.

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Betsy said...

That does sound like an epic weekend! I love babies!!