Thursday, July 11, 2013


So Mike and I are embarking on a new volunteering adventure. I may have mentioned it before, but now it's all official like, our names are on the book and everything. Poppa has "retired" from his position as the manager of our school fair and the natural progression seemed to be for me... initially.... to take over and that morphed into Mike and I "taking over". I use the quotes because as much as all those things are true Poppa is still there helping out and people tend to assume that he's still "in charge" and we're still very much transitioning into the position. I think Mike and I will make a good team on this because we're just a good team in general, but also we have complimentary strengths when dealing with something like this. Mike likes to describe it as me being the puppet master :)

All kidding aside I'd like to put the word out to my local peeps who have high school aged kids, if they're looking for volunteer hours I can certainly help them out. And that offer is not just limited to them, if you're over high school age and are looking for a volunteering opportunity I am your chick!

What exactly do we do? Well we organize, judge, record and tag all the kids school and art work. It is a lot of work for sure, but so worth it when you see those kids in the building looking for their artwork. To see how excited they are to see their ribbons. How proud they are. I can't imagine ever getting tired of seeing that.

If you'd like to be a part of making that magic happen then please get in touch with me and I will certainly put you to work!

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