Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am a reader. I love love love to read. I have set of goal of reading 38 books this year and according to my goodreads account I am one book ahead of schedule. Go me!

Just how am I accomplishing this goal? Well I'm glad you asked... oh what, what? You didn't ask... well too late now I've already formulated my response. I have three books going at any one time.

Book #1 - Something borrowed from the library on my kobo. It lives in my purse so I can read on my lunch at work or if I have a few minutes to kill waiting somewhere out and about.

Book #2 - Also a library book, but I real actual book. It lives in the living room. I read whenever I have a spare moment or two. And yes I do make spare reading moments for myself.

Book #3 - Bedside table. Something off my to be read shelf in my room. Books passed on to me from friends or given to me as gifts.

And yes I will focus most of my attention on the book that's grabbing me the most out of the three. Right now it's All The Way Home by David Gifflels, my living room book. I'd love to start a book club, anybody interested?


Julie said...

i love the concept of a book club but not the pressure to get the book read in a certain period of time. i read every night before bed, sometimes it's chapters, and others it's a few pages. but i read until the book bonks me in the head because i'm falling asleep. i don't think my brain could handle reading more that one at a time though! :)

Betsy said...

I usually have two or three going at once. The only way I can do that is if one of them is fiction, one non fiction and the third my devotional book. That way there is no chance of me confusing plot lines.