Sunday, August 11, 2013

sunday randoms

I was fully expecting a girls only weekend. Mike had a full weekend of working his regular job and volunteering planned, but then the fabulous Auntie Mel arranged a bbq party at our place for them and some great friends who normally spend all their time in Holland, but are currently visiting Canada.

Maya was a terrific little host to our friend's little girl even though she was only three and spoke mostly Dutch with a smattering of English thrown in. They did manage to understand each other enough to play Wii, climb all over the swingset and paint each other's toenails.

Mike will tell you that it's Uncle Dave's goal in life to make him as uncomfortable as he possible can. Apparently our Dutch friends have the same goal in regards to Uncle Dave. It was like Christmas came early for Michael. I apologize to my neighbours for all the raucous carrying on that was coming from my usually quiet deck last night. What can I say... laughing like that with new old friends is the perfect accompaniment to the year of awesome.

The only sore spot on the weekend was Auntie Mel dressing Baby Elliot in his cranky pants. Just kidding, he's completely adorable even when he's screaming. And oh boy did he want to scream. I remember those days. Poor little guy woke up much happier the next morning so I think they're going to keep them.

Early morning baby selfies!

So the girls are off on another summer adventure this time with Grandma Sandi. Here's hoping we get through this childfree stint without having to babysit a house without water or hydro.

And how was your weekend?


Chantal said...

OMG that child is adorable!

Betsy said...

Totally adorable! I HONESTLY believe that God makes babies so cute because otherwise we might not keep em!! Glad you had a good weekend though =)