Friday, September 06, 2013

i want some cash

Mike is a social guy. He tries to tell you he's not and he claims to hate small talk, but you'd never know it if you ran into him at a function or even grocery shopping. So when he told me he was meeting a friend for "10 minutes" the other night, I thought the kids and I would tagalong because I knew during the time they were talking I could get some work done at the fairgrounds where they were meeting. It's only about two weeks until the fair opens and there is still lots to do in our little corner. I won't be that long, I promise. There's no point to you coming with me because I'm literally going to be 10 minutes. Just stay here with the kids and I'll be back soon. This conversation was brought on by the fact that Abby was off at her bestie's house and Maya was running around the backyard and they needed showers etc. So off I sent him on his own.

I was brushing and braiding Maya's hair after her bath and Abby was in the shower when Mike came strolling back in the house a full 90 minutes after he left. Well that was the longest 10 minutes in the history of forever I remarked. Turns out his friends had taken him geo-caching after their 10 minute meeting and the dude is hooked. He may have geo-cached on his own a couple of times after work this week and the whole family geo-cached on our way home from the library the other night.


This geo-cache.... which this chick found after watching Mike walk around in circles for 5 minutes :)...... was located at the edge of the cemetery where Mike's grandparents are buried. Once we were done we headed over to pay our respects. The four of us huddled around the front of the stone talking about the grandparents Mike doesn't remember when Mike says, Is it okay to take a picture of a headstone? And before I could get my mouth open Abby piped up, Yeah, it's okay, but I wouldn't post it on instagram. She's quick, that one!

Mike and Abby went back out and found one more last night and the good news is we live very close to a trail dotted with lots of them because it looks like this is going to become our new family favourite activity.

Have you ever geo-cached before?


Goofball said...

I've never tried it but we have some friends that are hooked and even adjust travel plans or travel to good catches

Betsy said...

I keep telling myself that I want to do that. You may have just convinced me ;)