Wednesday, September 11, 2013

happy bitrhday mama

Well it's September which means were on the cusp of the busy busy busy season here in Blogmotherland, even still we did manage to sneak away for the day to help Granny celebrate her birthday up North with half of the Hipsters and the World's Cutest Nephew.


She may be the tiniest bit over the moon about this little guy... it's so hard to tell. As always when the family is all together it was a great visit, but too short. Just over 4 hours of driving for 6 hours of visiting, but totally worth it.


We spoiled Granny the best we could with iced coffee treats and some homemade goodies, but we know the best gift was us just being able to make the trip. Actually we gave her the best gift we ever could have and left her with all three grandbabies while us "big kids" hit up Costco for some lunch supplies.

Anyone who's had the pleasure of being able to meet my Mom in person (and I so wish you all could) knows she's just the best Mom and Granny anybody could ask for. She's very likely the strongest person I know, having seen this entire family through times that would have completely leveled some people. There is no possible way she, herself, could have thought that she had it all together, that she had a steady hand on the wheel of the ship all these year, that she was 100% unshakeable no matter what got tossed her way. I know that for certain because I am her now.

I haven't had to deal with the kind of curveballs that she had by my age, but I am wading my way through raising these girls into kick ass adults and in no way does my hand feel steady. In no way do I have it even close to all together and I am completely shakeable. I guess the trick is making it seem the opposite is true to the littles. My Mom has never made me feel anything but safe, secure and protected. There was nothing to worry about growing up in terms of being taken care of. I can only hope to follow in her footsteps half as well.


Wishing the very happiest of birthdays to my wonderful Mom. We love you!!

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Betsy said...

Happy birthday to her!! She sounds like a wonderful mom =)