Thursday, September 12, 2013


A couple of things you should know about  me. First, I consider myself to be of reasonable intelligence. Second, I enjoy movies that are based on real life events. So the baseball movie 42.... loved it. The Queen..... thought it was brilliant. The Impossible... moved to tears. And don't even get me started on Argo. Oh and maybe one more thing.... I'm a teeny bit of a Royal watcher. A teeny bit now, but back in the Princess Diana days I was all about everything Royal. So it makes perfect sense that I'd want to see W.E. a movie by Madonna about a woman obsessed with the love story of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The Duke was King before abdicating to be with the love of his life American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. It was all very scandalous at the time.


One night while Mike and Abby were out and Maya was tucked into her bed I popped the movie in and that's the end of the story..... because I couldn't get it to play. Yes folks, I was outsmarted by my BluRay player. The disc starts just fine, I can watch the trailers and then it asks if I'd like to watch it in English or French and then that's it. I get to the title screen but there are no options listed. No play, set up, or extras. Nothing but an endless loop of scenes from the movie play. I've tried hitting start, play, every menu button...  hell every actual button on the remote itself and this movie will not play. I've tried two separate times and lost over an hour of my life to a movie title screen to no avail. So if you're keeping track at home that's BluRay player - 2, Shanny - 0 I should probably just get one of the kids to start it for me. I'm clearly too old to be messing with technology at this point.

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Betsy said...

LOL! Ask one of the kids next time. That's what I do when I can't figure it out lol