Wednesday, September 04, 2013


It was fast approaching a decade since we had our last Family Picnic. Mike recently remarked that he missed getting together with the whole family and perhaps we should like about having one next summer, to which his cousin replied... next summer?! Let's have it in two weeks.

What family picnic worth it's salt doesn't have games?

And we nodded in agreement and then threw it together lickety split. Abby decided kind of last minute that we should have games, so we hastily came up with a couple. I'm hoping to be better organized in the games department for next year. To be honest though we had an absolutely terrific time even flying by the seat of our pants. Yes, there was too much food. Of course there was! Have you ever been to a Revill event? Food is our thing.

So the food was terrific, but of course the best part was just sitting around and listening to the stories. The catching up, the reconnecting, the reminiscing. The kids were a mixed bag of ages, but they all played together very well and Abby displayed some kick ass babysitting skills as it got later in the evening.  I have always felt like a such a lucky girl to be a part of this great family and I am doubly happy and thankful that we didn't put this off for another summer. Same time next year Revills!!


Lynn said...

Sweet! Sounds like a lovely event. My sister was just lecturing me on how if you do just 20% of the work, it covers 80% of the product - so I should embrace this kind of last-minute-throw-together kind of project more often. So happy to hear you pulled it off - it's inspirational!

Betsy said...

I sure miss our family get togethers. We did them every two or three months when I was back in Oregon. They still meet up, but I can't make it since I'm 8 hours away. Glad yours was fun though!

Kaci said...

So fun!

Shan said...

I'm lucky that Mike and I are a great team. We've worked on many projects together and thrown many a party, so we don't really need a lot of lead in time. This was a very plain jane party, but just getting the whole family together in one place was the goal.