Tuesday, September 03, 2013

first day

Well it happened... as much as the kids dragged their feet and fought it..... the first day of school. And of course I couldn't call myself a mommy blogger if I didn't document it, right?

First day of school! Grade six and grade two.

I snapped this at the end of the day and I think the big grins say it all. Abby has one of her favourite teachers. Maya has a new to our school teacher, but she seems happy with her so far. Maya talked about recess and eating her lunch. Abby was full of stories about all the jobs she'd signed up for.... bus patroller, lunch monitor etc. Our school only goes to grade six, so she's "king of the heap" this year. Can't wait to see what this year will bring us.


Goofball said...

oooh it's fun to be the oldest in school

Betsy said...

I am sure you are going to have an awesome school year. My girls are pretty excited when they get home too =)