Monday, September 02, 2013

the best worst summer ever

Tonight the obvious topic of conversation at the dinner table was the summer. How did we feel about how we spent our summer. When Mike asked Abby said she'd give this past summer a solid seven out of ten. We asked why because, to be honest, I thought she was scoring it a little low given this is the year of awesome. She declared this the best worst summer ever and looking back she did get her summer off to a rough start. She had a broken thumb, mangled toenail and an out of control ear issue... oh and her best friend went away for a week. Maya gave the summer a solid thousand out of ten, so there's that.

Family highlights in no particular order.... See if you can guess who's are who's

Walking in the parade
The summer of a million sleepovers
Working two days a week
Tailgate dinners at Holy Food Truck
Despicable Me 2
Family picnic
Elliot's open house
International tweet up
Port Dover
Camping in Granny's living room
Granny's week long visit
The Jays game
Roast you weenie

It seems like a lot to pack into one summer, but there was so much more. Thanks everyone for the memories. Now on to the fall.

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Betsy said...

That sounds like a fantastic summer to me!