Monday, September 02, 2013

so awesome

So we're over halfway through what I have declared to be the Year of Awesome. I actually had some Year of Awesome homework that I was supposed to have completed for my favourite mental health professional that I have been putting off for.... well the entire summer.... and she's been letting me slide because she's awesome like that, but also it was really difficult for me to complete. I was supposed to make a list of what would make this the Year of Awesome for me and it couldn't be things that I would do for other people... which seemed kind of mean because I like to do things for other people, but of course that was point of the exercise.

So I struggled with it. I turned it over in my mind for a very long time. I came at it from different angles. It's been my constant bedtime companion the entire summer. What will I put on this list? So after hours and hours of pondering, what exactly have I come up with?

Food truckin' it with these two cuties.

Well before I get to that point, let's check in and see how the Year of Awesome has been going. In a word it's been awesome. Ha! I'm so funny. Well as we know it hasn't all been moonlight and roses. I hit a bit of a rough patch there, but I'm happy to say that I've rallied back. Righted the ship. Things once again are rosy.

7am - We made it! Now time to sleep. #JerseyGirlsR4L

Some of the things that have made up the Year of Awesome so far were definitely planned out. Things like our new to us car, Baby Elliot, turning forty, Relay for Life, but the vast majority have been things that weren't even on my radar. opportunities that I/we just had to say yes to. Family tailgating dinners, cards with friends, pancake cook offs, girls  nights out, and the family picnic. Tonight I went from a planned quiet evening at home to getting soaked and singing my face off at a Montgomery Gentry concert with some great friends.

Montgomery Gentry! Hoping the rain is done.

So I don't think I need a list of things to make this the Year of Awesome. I think I just need to keep saying yes to things and more awesomeness will come from somewhere. I have learned a lesson that's bigger than that though. I think I have learned that a big part of saying yes to a lot of things is knowing when I need to say no. And even more importantly to actually say it when I need to. It will never be a question of wanting to do things, but I'm slowly figuring out that as much as I would love to, I cannot do every awesome thing on my radar and I have to prioritize things the best way I can..... for me. Shockingly enough, this gets a little bit easier every time I have to do it.

Please, nobody tell Elliot. #ILoveBabies

So absolutely, I could make a list that says this will be the Year of Awesome if I eat at that restaurant I saw on You Gotta Eat Here or if I host a favourite things party or if my sister in law takes me to the Bread Bar and all of those things may still happen and if they do... awesome and if those exact things don't... well I'm sure there will be other Awesomeness to take it's place.


Betsy said...

Love this! I have the hardest time saying no, but it needs to be done sometimes and good for you on figuring out how and when to say no. Happy year of awesome!

Lynn said...

(Sorry for the late comment - just catching up from being away in August)...

Well, this post was just...awesome! I really love what you've said about saying yes more...and saying no more, too. It's something I've also learned in the past year or two...but oh, so hard to actually put into place. For me, it's the saying no part - even though I understand that there are limited hours in the day, I just can't seem to stop myself from signing up for this, or committing to that, or adding three or four or ten more projects to my to-do list. SIGH.

Someday I'll figure it all out!