Friday, November 08, 2013

friday high fives for....

1. This video. My gosh, my kids watch it over and over again and when they aren't watching it they're telling each other to "worry about yourself!" So stinkin' funny.

2. I'm trying to be better about doing something with all that stuff I pin, so to that end I made this adorable little cheeseball for the Halloween edition of Jammie Movie Night. It was a total delicious hit! You should make it right now and then invite me over.


3. Maya's horse spooked a little in her lesson this week. I was afraid she'd wig out and that would be the end of her riding career, but in a blink she had the situation and, more importantly, her horse under control and they continued on without issue.

4. Wasabi Peas.... why hasn't anyone told me how delicious these were?

5. The Newsroom. Again, why didn't anyone tell me how great this show is? I just finished up season one. Now I wait for season 2!

What are you giving a high five to this week?


Julie said...

Omg newsroom is soooo good!

Julie said...

Omg newsroom is soooo good!

Betsy said...

I love watching the kids watching funny videos. My kid just learned how to search youtube on my husband's xbox. Lets just say we have see a lot of "funny cat videos" lately lol