Tuesday, November 12, 2013

shopping days

So dudes it's like a month and half until Christmas!! Hang on I'm just going to duck as you toss whatever you can get your hands on at me. Hey, I'm sorry. Don't get mad at me. I'm not the one who decided it was going to be on December 25th every year. At the risk of ticking you off even more... I'm probably halfway done my shopping.

You see Christmas these days in BlogmotherLand comes with a pretty restrictive budget which means I have to shop as fiscally responsible and creatively as I can. To that end I shop with a formula. For the kids it's pretty strict. Here's the deal.... we have enough stuff. One more Barbie is not going to make a difference around here, so I ask myself is it really necessary? My kids make wish lists every year.... Maya's already made one and I'm not going to lie to you... there isn't a thing on it that I would buy for her. Trampoline... um, no. Not ever. Those that have them.... good on you, but ugh I hate trampolines. A $50 Barbie doll that I know will be naked just like every one of the other 25 Barbies we already have? Not on my watch. Moon sand..... oh sweet Jesus no, that stuff is from the devil!! Those are the kinds of gifts indulgent Grandparents buy and I absolutely support their right to do that..... unless they've wrapped up a trampoline.

That sounds all kinds of mean doesn't it? If you were to ask my kids..... and I have... they have never, not once, been disappointed with what Santa has deemed to leave for them under the tree. They can be sure to find a board game because I think things like family game night are important. They will have something crafty to work away at while they are off school. They will have something to read. There will be new jammies, our yearly photo album, and a funky shirt or two. That's my base, I'll add a few other little surprises like lego and such.

Having an idea of what I'm going to buy lets me keep an eye out for deals so I can get the biggest bang for my buck. Our photo album (already done and printed!!) I got for 50% off because I had my eye out for a photobook deal. Tonight I picked up Maya's crafty gift (fashion plates!! Who remembers those?) because Indigo was offering 25% off Melissa and Doug toys. Grabbed Abby's book to qualify for free shipping and it was 33% off as well. Got both items for just a little bit more that what one should have cost me. That's just smart shopping.

Last year I scored some killer deals on black friday shopping online and my plan is to finish everything up then. I have list of what I need to buy and a chart that tells me the cost at three of my favourite online retailers. It sounds like work, but it allows me to get through Christmas on budget and without having to resort to using credit. As an added bonus... having it done early makes for a less stressful and more enjoyable December. All ideas I can get on board with!

So that's how I tackle Christmas....  how about you?


Julie said...

i am really lucky that i only have the jellybean and the hubby to buy for. and then one small gift each for a niece and nephew. all that being said i look out for deals as well (budget is my middle name!) and have been known to buy stuff as early as october. i haven't thought about the black friday deals. i must look into that. any suggestions of what to buy a 6 yr old boy with too much stuff and wants a furby (oh bloody hell no!).

Betsy said...

I am still working on a plan. We are so poor this year that it hurts just thinking about it. :( Praying for a miracle at this point. lol

Lynn said...

I really love your approach - I'm trying to do better. I have a real weakness for stocking stuffers - while I can stick to a list and a budget for the under-the-tree stuff, while I'm out shopping I'll pick up a dozen "so cute" things for the stockings and next thing you know, it's $75 per person!!! Trying to dial it back this year :).