Thursday, December 12, 2013

the midway point

So the 25 days of Christmas so far have been pretty low key mostly because I am freezing. Yes, I am freezing. Why did this winter get so cold so fast? Why did it get so cold so fast before the kids had finished this session of riding lessons? Trust me, sitting in a barn for multiple hours per week is way colder than it sounds. So much colder. Only two more lessons left... not that I was counting. Don't get me wrong I love love love watching the girls ride, but I much prefer to watch in the spring. The girls are ready to be done as well. Poor Maya had to hop off Moose a couple of times to warm up in the tack room tonight.

So our 25 days of Christmas have involved a lot of hot chocolate, jammies and fuzzy blankets on the couch while we attempted to warm up. We wrapped some presents, coloured some pictures, decorated the tree and watched a Christmas movie or two. Still to come is The Polar Express, cookie baking, gingerbread house decorating, neighbour visiting and maybe caroling if we ever completely warm up.


Lynn said...

I hear you. I'm a cold person to begin with and this cold snap is horrifying. Our advent activity for Sunday is ski lessons - the older two wanted to try it out, and our youngest is off to a party so it was a perfect matchup. Now we've paid $150 for the (non-cancellable) lessons, and it's going to be -20 outside...EEP. If my blog goes silent, you'll know I died on the hill!

Betsy said...

I think the cold hit everyone faster then expected. It's hard to acclimate when you go from 60s to negative temperatures in one week!