Wednesday, January 08, 2014

52 kids live here - week 1

So many messes. It seems like every time I turn around there is another mess, but that's what I get for living with little kids, right. I signed myself up for this. In a blink though, they'll be grown and on to their own life and the messes will be gone. I'll be able to clean a room and come back 15 minutes later with it looking exactly the same as I left it...... assuming Mike isn't home :)

So to "celebrate" those little messes I'm joining with with my girl, the uber talented Ann, and her 52 Kids Live Here project.

You maybe wouldn't know it by the way she dumps her vest off just inside the back door every day in a mad rush to get to the bathroom, but The Abster loves loves loves being a bus monitor. She's also a car  monitor. There are a couple of little cuties that get driven to and from and it's Abby's job to keep them safe and together until pick up. By taking on this job she is a big help to the duty teachers trying to get all the bus lines organized. Her little charges are incredibly adorable and she absolutely loves them. I've met the Moms of these little ones and it's definitely a mutual admiration society they've got going on over there. They had some incredibly sweet things to say about our girl that touched me more than I can say. This car monitoring position has really just lit her up this year in a way I haven't seen in relation to school in quite some time. Just really lovely. Now if I could only get her to hang that vest up.

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Betsy said...

Love that! I have a kid that does that with her coat. Love hearing about your kids and their "jobs". =)