Tuesday, January 07, 2014

one week in

Well we are a week into the year of health and it's really kind of kicking my ass. I went from pink eye to laryngitis to a sore throat/cough and I'm still not back to snuff. It can only get better from here, right? I got myself a little year of health present (fitbit!!) that I'm trying out and love so far, but I'm waiting until I can really put it through it's paces before weighing (no pun intended) in on it. Today I was feeling like I had turned the corner. I only needed two Halls Vitamin C lozenges to get through the day. So it's lots of water and green tea until I can get back on the treadmill. Even better if the temperature came up enough for some outside running in my new Pearl Izumis!!


Betsy said...

I wanna see the new shoes! And what fitbit did you get? I have the One. LOVE mine. Don't leave the house without it.

Lynn said...

I got a fitbit for xmas, too, and am loving it. It's so cute and it makes me feel good when I see the number climbing. So far it's been too fraking cold to do anything more than the usual routine but I'm hoping once it thaws a bit it will encourage me to walk more. In the meantime...three days back to school and everyone already has the sniffles. GOOD TIMES.