Sunday, January 19, 2014

dear maya

Dear Maya;

Oh my sweet little riddle. You have challenged me as a Mom since the day you were born, but I honestly wouldn't have you any other way. Sure some times (and by some times I mean most of the time) you like to take the long way around, but we always get there in the end. Maybe a little bit more exhausted and sometimes a bit more worse for wear, but we make it and I'll take it all because with is comes that giant heart of yours. My gosh it's so big and so full of love. I feel like I have a lot of love in me to give to the important people in my life, but you honestly give me something to aspire to.

Things like family movie night or game night are the gold standard with you. I've actually watched you slow play a game, putting off your inevitable win just to keep the fun going a little bit longer. Nothing is better to you then curling up on the couch with some fresh popped popcorn and a movie borrowed from the library and the rest of us curled up with you. We just had a birthday weekend full of presents and cake and your favourite part was having Uncle Dave, Auntie Mel and the World's Cutest Nephew here even if it was only for 24 hours.

You are loyal and fair. While the rest of the family trash talks and teases, you make sure to point out the very good things in people. You are Switzerland, incapable of picking one thing over another in case someone's feelings are hurt. During the fun and friendly pancake cook off between Granny and Poppa you loyally awarded them a tie, both rounds. And the two very adorable babies you love so much, you make sure you express how equally adorable you find them. You may only be looking at a picture of one of them, but the other will not go unmentioned.

You are my book worm. Happy to curl up in the crook of my legs as we both lose ourselves in stories. You've already finished two books on the brand new Kobo mini you got this morning. You love movies, board games, your rainbow loom, One Direction, Pitch Perfect, your popcorn maker, puzzles, burgers, pizza and fried chicken. You love going to school and chocolate croissants. You think Abby is the greatest thing since sliced bread... when she isn't annoying you, but mostly you just want to do whatever she's doing. Posters of R5, Harry Potter and Selena Gomez line your room. You like to play conversation games during dinner..... Who is your favourite Disney Princess? Who do you like better, Katy Perry or Selena Gomez? and so on.You are proud of us and encourage us in everything we do. And you worry. We're still trying to sort out if these worries are maybe too big for you, but for now just taking the time to be sensitive to you and allowing time to talk things out seems to be helping.You are just the sweet sensitive little girl we needed to finish up this family. I am so lucky that I get to be your Mom!

Happy 8th birthday MyPie. I love you to absolute bits!
Mama xo

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Betsy said...

Happy birthday! She sounds like an incredible little girl