Monday, January 20, 2014

sunday randoms on a monday

Well this weekend was my favourite kind of weekend. Full of family and food and laughs and board games and the World's Cutest Nephew. Just perfect!

The World's Cutest Nephew is 8 months old and I was concerned that he'd want no part of us because 8 month olds are fickle like that, but he was perfectly happy to be passed around and fawned over. Once again, thank goodness for Skype. Although he was probably wondering how we all got out of the box we're normally in.

I hit the treadmill with my new Pearl Izumis today. They are a damn fine shoe, I don't mind telling you! Can't wait to hit the streets with them.

I need to shop for a new cell phone case. I've broken the clips on the one I'm using currently. I cannot think of a single thing I hate shopping for more than a cellphone case. Weird, huh.

A polar vortex again? Really? Is this necessary? I think not.

Well we have successfully wrapped up the Rocky series (Abby uber loved it) and the Back to the Future series (also loved!). Now what to watch next? Ferris Bueller?

Who wants to be my friend on fitbit? Let me know so we can hook up!


Betsy said...

I wanna be your fitbit friend!!

Shan said...

Okay, let's do this then! shannyr at live dot ca