Thursday, February 13, 2014

a bad ass i am not

Recently a friend from work and I were trading stories from our teen years. He was telling me about how he used to skip school and then trick his Mom into signing a note to explain the absence the next day to avoid detention. We laughed and then it was my turn.......

Now here is where I destroy all of my imaginary street cred..... When Uncle Dave and I were kids my Mom more or less stayed home with us. Of course once my Dad passed away that well and truly had to change. Her work day started before our school day and of course there was more than one instance of Dave or I needing a note written for something after she had left for work. So just like a million single mothers before her, she got creative and left a few signed, blank notes. So should we need a note from Mom, we could just fill in the info above her signature and Bob's your Uncle. Can you imagine? That's like the Holy Grail to a teenager and I never once used it for anything "outside of the law". I had the golden ticket and I never once skipped school and used it. Never ever. My friend was incredulous. He couldn't believe that I had wasted such a glorious opportunity and he laughed at me for far longer then what could be considered polite. What can I say... just worrying about getting in trouble was more than enough for me.


Oh, we are like peas in a pod. I never skipped school or anything like that, either. Once, my mother was going out for the evening and Footloose was on TV, and I wanted to watch it - I was probably 16 or 17 years old. I asked her if I could, because it maybe had "questionable content," and she said she didn't know anything about it, so I should use my own judgement, and so I DIDN'T WATCH IT. I was my own bad cop!

If only I could put some of that into my own kids :).
Oh Lynn, that made me laugh!

My parents left me alone almost every weekend (well with my sister, but she was 5 years older and was off doing her own crazy things) and I never ONCE had a house party. I had been to too many to even consider having one. Drunk teenagers wreck things!

Although I did skip my fare share of classes.

Anonymous said...
You mother wouldn't have done it if she didn't trust you not to misuse it.

I may have been a good kid, too....
I'm probably the same way. =)
Our mother was the worst person for filling out forms and signing notes even though she was always home. In grade nine, she never signed the main file document so she told me to sign it for her. That meant that any question regarding notes were checked against my forgery. I signed many of Sherri and Cindy's notes too. I also, never skipped or abused it. I could have done whatever I wanted but never did.