Wednesday, February 12, 2014

52 kids live here - week 6

So many messes. It seems like every time I turn around there is another mess, but that's what I get for living with little kids, right. I signed myself up for this. In a blink though, they'll be grown and on to their own life and the messes will be gone. I'll be able to clean a room and come back 15 minutes later with it looking exactly the same as I left it...... assuming Mike isn't home :)

So to "celebrate" those little messes I'm joining with with my girl, the uber talented Ann, and her 52 Kids Live Here project.

The messes here are festive. Last month when the Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel were here with the World's Cutest Nephew I volunteered to do a diaper change. So The WCN and I disappear to our guest room.... which the rest of the time is actually the girl's toy room and I had him cleaned up and rediapered in no time, because that's the kind of rockstar Auntie I am. When I handed The WCN back over his Dad had only one question for me...... Why is my baby covered in glitter? 

Because I live with two "little" girls that's why. Would you care to see the lake of glitter that permanently resides on the floor in front of my dryer? 

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Betsy said...

My sister (appropriately) calls glitter the "herpes of the craft world" lol