Thursday, June 12, 2014


Last Sunday night Mike and I thought a movie would be a nice way to wrap up a week of vacation. So we popped Jobs into the ole BluRay player and settled into watch. Midway through the movie whilst Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs was handing someone their ass about some such technology I heard it. A very large squeak came from the corner of the living room.

What the hell was that? I asked Mike.

Oh it was in the movie, he assured me.

I chose to believe him even though a loud squeak in the midst of a technological throwdown made no sense to the storyline. I mean what was the alternative?

We paused the movie for a bathroom break because I'm old and drink a lot of water and when I got back from the bathroom Mike says, I don't want to upset you, but that noise was obviously some sort of rodent. In our living room.

Of course my calm, mild mannered and above all grown up response to that was...... We have to burn the house down and then move! Right now! Wake the kids!! There is no time to lose.

I'm not going to lie I was pretty much picturing that episode of looney tunes with the giant "mouse". That's clearly what we were dealing with here. A kangaroo sized mouse that had moved into my living room. Oh. Em. Gee. I was never going into the living room again. And we still had half the movie to watch. Ugh.

Somehow Mike managed to convince me to finish up the movie. Which I may or may not have down balancing myself on the arm of the love seat ready to make a break for it if necessary, but we made it through with no more squeaks or sightings. Phew.

The next morning finds me in the bathroom getting ready for work when I hear that really loud squeak again, this time coming from the office. I realize Abby just headed back that way with her ipod and a thought starts rolling around in my head. Abby had just gotten a bunch of itunes gift cards for her birthday and had spent the weekend downloading songs and apps.

Me: Abby what was that sound?
Abby: Which sound? Talking Tom?

Are you aware of Talking Tom? It's an app. The main character is a talking cat. Abby can speak to him and he'll repeat what she says in his high pitched squeaky voice. The night before she'd left her ipod charging in the corner of the living room. Where we were watching the movie. Where the giant kangaroo sized rodent was hanging out.

Yep, we got punked by a push notification. That high pitched squeak was actually a short intense meow designed to bring your attention back the game when Talking Tom is lonely or needs to go to bed or whatever else he virtually has to have. Meow. Not a squeak. Not a mouse, kangaroo sized or otherwise. Yep, punked by technology. Yep.

Don't you just wish you could be as cool as me. 


Betsy said...

That is awesome! Glad you don't have mice lol

Lynn said...

Ha!! Loved this story. Tooooootally would have had the same reaction :).