Wednesday, August 06, 2014

graduation day

It's no secret that Mike finds ordering a drink at Starbucks incredibly intimidating, to the point where he refused to ever go to Starbys. Oh wait... I got that wrong. It is a secret. I was supposed to keep that a secret...... Oh well..... too late now.

So for the past little bit Mike's been working with a Starbucks coach (aka Auntie KK) who has been ordering for Mike when we meet for coffee while Mike quietly observes the process and drinks whatever his Starbys coach orders for him, mostly girlie drinks like a mocha with whip and not manly man drinks like tall americano with room.

And then finally this happened...


That is a tall vanilla frappaccino that Mike ordered all on his very own. Another successful graduate of the Auntie KK Starbucks ordering program! They grow up so fast, don't they?


Lynn said...

This actually inspires me. I am also way too intimidated by Starbucks to order anything there. Tell Mike I'm so proud of him!

Betsy said...

Starbucks can be very scary! Glad he is a graduate at last!