Monday, December 15, 2014

just horrible

So Jammie Movie Night is still a thing that's happening here in Blogmotherland and it remains as one of my favourite evenings of the month. December brings the extra special Holiday Edition of JMN and in years past that has always meant that we let our guys join us and Mike gets to pick the movie. Just for kicks this year we mixed it up with a little Cards Against Humanity in place of the movie. Are you aware of this game?

The box the game comes in describes it as a game for horrible people. It is akin to Apples to Apples, if you've played that, but the questions and the answers are inappropriate for family game night. It is completely hysterical with the right group of people and lucky for us we have hysterical and inappropriate friends!

To keep things interesting and also fun I went so far as to order a "trophy" for the player who was the most horrible among us.. aka won the most hands over the course of the evening.


A coffee mug so everyone would know what a truly horrible person you are.

Also because I am the best wife ever I bought Mike the 10 Days of Kwanzaa or Whatever from the makers of Cards Against Humanity. In exchange for my hard earned cash the funny folks at CAH promise to mail him ten gifts during the month of December. Merry Christmas Michael! And his first gift....


Cards that put him in the game. It goes without saying that everyone was looking forward to putting the Mike cards into play.


Very basically, this is how you play. The Card Czar reads out the black card, everyone plays a white card from their hand and the Card Czar picks the best/funniest card. This is what happened when Mike's card got put into play. So, so funny..... because they're all true. Especially the Justin Bieber card!

As you can imagine it was a night of endless laughs and endless inappropriateness. The kind of night that makes you forget your troubles for a few hours. The very best kind of evening with the very best kind of people and one horrible horrible person....


Thanks to everyone you came and had horrible fun with us. Can't wait to do it again!


Goofball said...

sounds like good fun

Betsy Smith said...

I think I might hve to get that game. I have a few friends it would be perfect to play with. :P