Sunday, December 14, 2014

sunday randoms

So this was a productive weekend. I cleaned up and decluttered three trouble spots in the house. I made a shit ton of skor bars or toffee bark or whatever you want to call it. I got the laundry as caught up as any family of four can get it caught up.

Next on the list was to get Abby squared away for the end of the week when she's having 6 teeth extracted as we move towards getting her braces. Thank goodness for Grandmas willing to step in and play nursemaid. This appointment was kind of last minute-ish and I'm already committed to something that I can't in good conscience walk away from. I mean I could, they'd manage, but I'd feel lousy about it. Luckily Grandma Linda and Abby are both happy with the arrangement.

Oh and did I mention I also managed to get all of my wrapping done as well. Yep, Christmas can come tomorrow I'm good to go!

Robin introduced me to Mang-o-ritas. So good.

I am ridiculously excited about the gifts I've bought for people. Can't wait to give them!

This weekend was full of laughs... but that's a post all on it's own.... time with friends is the best thing for the soul! 

The kids have been watching the Home Alone movies like it's their job.

Abby and I dived into season one of Gilmore Girls. Why haven't I watched this before now?

How was your weekend?


Bibliomama said...

The expression 'shit ton' reminds me of my dad and makes me smile. Does this make me weird? (er?) Many many pans of toffee bark have come out of my kitchen already, but I've given up on the cleaning and decluttering until after Christmas. Glad you had such a great week-end.

Lynn said...

We've also been watching Home Alone and Home Alone 2 - is there a third one? The kids think it is HIGH-LAR-IOUS. So cute.

I am most envious of your wrapping and baking flurry of activity. I've been sick this week and my baking and wrapping is getting into a backlog situation that makes me STRESSED. I am a preplanner, early getter-doner and EEP.

In other news, small story for you: the other day I was sick and had to go pick up the kids from school, so I thought I'd just throw on my snow pants and coat over my jammies - who would know. But when I went to put my boots on, I had no socks on due to being housebound all day...and I thought to myself, "Just put the boots on with no socks, Shan does it ALL THE TIME,"...but nope, couldn't do it, had to run upstairs with my snow pants and coat on to get some socks :). So you're braver than I am, woman!

Shan said...

I didn't necessarily mean to declutter but it was one of those situations where I couldn't put this away until I dealt with this little mess over here and we were having company so...... Nope, not weird, definitely not weirder :)

I'm not sure if there is a third one, but it feels like one and two have been playing in an endless loop all weekend. I hope your backlog gets cleared up! Ha! That's funny about the socks!