Wednesday, December 03, 2014

this marriage is clearly a work in progress

For most of our married life I have done the vast majority of the cooking, but in recent months Mike has been cooking more. Nothing that would necessarily set the foodie world on fire, but it's keeping the kids and I alive so I'm not about to complain. Even if the cooking only happens when I actually say.... hey, can you cook dinner tonight?  Burgers are in the freezer.

Every once in a while though....

Mike: You're in for a treat tonight. I picked up the ingredients for a veritable feast toight!
Me: That sounds great, what are you making?
Mike: I got all the stuff for fish tacos.
Me: I don't eat fish.
Mike: What?!
Me: I don't eat fish.
Mike: Since when.
Me: Since the entire time we've been married.
Mike : ummm

 I certainly didn't want to rain on his parade so I did manage to choke down a bit over half of a fish taco before my gag reflex well and truly kicked in. Abby gave it the ole college try as well, but she wasn't a fan either. Maya was pretty much.... oh hell no! and ate toast instead. Mike totally loved it though, so there's that. I'm hoping next time he gets a hankering to make a burrito the size of my head because I could get on board with that.


Goofball said...

hahahahaaaa so funny

but not surprising if you usually cook: you simply don't cook fish yourself but that fact might have gone unnoticed. Poor Mike with all his good intentions

Betsy Smith said...

That is awesome!!