Friday, January 16, 2015

friday high five

In celebration of my 10th bloggy anniversary this year (this month even!) I thought it a good idea to play The Blogmother's Greatest Hits. And first on the album, the Friday High Five, who's getting them this week?

1. Kinesio tape and the lovely people that know how to apply it. My personal best guess is I pushed myself to hard on this little old squat challenge I've been doing. When I have a lot of anxiety in my life, the way I hold myself results in a terrific back ache in the area of my left shoulder blade. This pain began just like that a couple of days ago, but got progressively worse. So much worse. My back isn't quite 100%, but it's at least 77% better now that I'm all taped up.

2. iMessage. I don't actually have an apple product of my own, save for a pink iPod nano, but Maya does and she uses iMessage to message her Granny and Uncle Dave. Maya loves getting and sending messages to them both.

3. The Lady Cave. I spent the beginning of this week transforming the toyroom from a little kid space to a hangout for tweens that Abby has dubbed the Lady Cave. Mike's been laughing about that for three days now.

4. Fitbit. I fell off pace for one day, but I'm game to make it up. 3.65 million, here I come.

5. Abby. She took pretty good care of me today, letting me hang out in the recliner where the pain was tolerable while she tidied and ran me little errands. Love her.

Who's getting your high fives this week?


Kaci said...

I love my fitbit! That's a great challenge. Hope your legs feel better ;)

Betsy Smith said...

Love it! I would high five Kaci for being such a great friend!

Lynn said...

I want to see pics of the Lady Cave! What is it that tween/teen girls want in a hang out space these days?