Monday, January 12, 2015

winner winner

Did I tell y'all how Abby won Christmas this year?

It's no secret I love giving gifts. Christmas is my jam. Typically I have an easy time shopping for everyone on my list, but this year my Mom was proving tricky. A couple of months ago The Abster and I were sitting here chatting about all things Christmas..... What am I going to get Granny this year? Do you have any ideas?

And she did. She had one fantastic idea. An idea so fantastic that when Granny finally got to open it, this happened......


I think she likes it.

So what was Abby's fantastic idea?........ You know what Granny needs, a phone case. The one she has is booooring. She needs something fancier.

I know what you're thinking, dang how fancy was that phone case? Pretty dang fancy, let me tell you. We ordered her a custom phone case complete with pictures of the entire family.

It was a home run, out of the park!


Nice work, Abbers!

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Betsy Smith said...

What an awesome gift!