Sunday, January 03, 2016

suday randoms

Well that is it.... Christmas 2015 is a wrap. Back to work and school tomorrow. As in years past I took this week off to be with the kids. We had a great week, perhaps a tad busier than our usual week of sloth, but we still managed to squeeze in plenty of jammie days and more than our fair share of Big Bang Theory episodes.

We spent a few days north, where I claimed my crown as best Auntie ever.... like there was ever any doubt! We drank some wine, played some cards and enjoyed good food.

Mike and I binged watch Making a Murderer like it was our job. Our apologies to The Mindy Project, we'll be back soon promise. It's just everyone is talking about Steven Avery. Having seen the entire thing, I can only say wow. Just wow. Just an awful horrible story on so many levels.


We sent a day shooting pictures at an open house at a dairy farm. We froze our toes off, but we had a blast shooting with honest to goodness DSLR cameras. I had forgotten how much fun it was to use a real camera. Don't get me wrong I love the camera on my phone, but it isn't quite the same.


Maya even joined in singing Christmas carols at the open house, which likely had more to do with the propane heater they had than any real desire to entertain the masses, but whatever.

We were all wonderfully spoiled, but the greatest gift was a week and a half of laziness and time with family.

So looking forward to more wonderful in 2016!

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