Sunday, January 10, 2016

sunday randoms

I am working on a project that is totally out of my wheelhouse. So one minute I think it's going great and the next, I'm all like what in the hell am I actually doing? I should just commit to the most obvious path to the finish line and make life easier on myself. Ugh. Wish me luck.... or offer to come and do it for me. Either is good.

This weekend has been one of me getting less done than I expected to. See paragraph one, many hours wasted walking around in figurative circles.

Maya had me playing Super Mario Bros with her this weekend. She actually calls if Bros. instead of Brothers, so that is super cute, but apparently I am an old lady who can't play video games anymore even though I devoted many hours to the completion of Yoshi's Island back in my younger days. Luckily for me once we move onto the compound TC has promised to be the "Video Game" mom while I shall be the "Cookie Baking" mom. Come on powerball!

The powerball! How crazy is that? How do you even comprehend that kind of money? Maya nd I were checking out floor plans for the Dream House we will build when we win even though we are Canadian and don't even have a ticket. We did have a ticket for the LottoMax though, didn't win, so the compound dream continues to be on hold. Which isn't helping TC or I, at all.

Tapping this out early because.... Golden Globes! Ricky Gervais! Oh my gosh I can't even wait! I need to be free and clear of impossible projects, laundry, lunches and showers so I can glue my butt to the couch at 7pm. Like I am going to miss the red carpet. Ha!

The halls have finally been undecked here. It's never as much fun putting it away as it is putting it up.

We watched Inside Out twice and we may or may not have done the ugly cry both times we watched it.

I also managed to deal with my deactivated bank card and get NetFlix back up and running, so I adulted the crap out of Friday anyway.

How was your weekend?

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