Monday, January 11, 2016

words from the fridge - inspire

The Back Story: On the side of our fridge there can be found a saying that speaks to me. I change it out whenever the mood strikes me and leave it for the kids to discover. Usually they do at dinner time and it always leads to a conversation about how it relates to each of us and how we interpret the meaning. They are interesting and fun convos indeed.



This one I liked. How many people do you have in your life who inspire you and yet you never stop and say hey, you make me want to be better. I mean is there a bigger compliment you can give some one? As we discussed this at the dinner table it was really interesting to hear who the girls thought inspired me. They had clued into a couple of people that I hadn't even realized were inspiring to me. It was equally interesting to hear who they felt inspired by.

Who is inspiring you these days?

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Betsy Hart said...

That is a great one! I don't have any that I can think of specifically.