Thursday, August 18, 2016

my happy little tree

It can be easy sometimes to let the petty little annoyances that come along with day to day life to pile up. When they roll over you spaced too close together it can be hard to shake them off. I was having a few days like that. Most of my nearest and dearest will tell you I am fairly easy going and don't really sweat the small stuff. Sure, I may grumble about the shopper hogging up 77% of the aisle while I am shopping, but you can bet your bottom dollar and I had a warm smile and a genuine, "no, no, that's okay" for the poor soul when I finally am able to maneuver my way around them.

So I had a couple of days where I was using the hashtag #ShannyHatesEveryone, pretty liberally and by liberally I mean I used it in a text to Mike and another one to my compound wife, TC. I was full of grumbling and cursing and really just hating everyone-ish, which Mike always finds hysterical in the beginning, as it is out of character for me.Lest you think I am a saint, the last two days have proven I can be as cutting and cold as the next asshole. It's when this behaviour ticks past the 24 hour mark that Mike begins to get nervous. Usually that's when things start to turn around on their own anyway. I have far too much amazing in my life to be down for long, but this time was different.

It may have been because the kids were out of town, so I had no one to model good behaviour for and having celebrated 20 lovely married years with Michael this week..... well he's seen all the bad parts already and still likes me, so I was free to let it off the chain for a while, but it wasn't enjoyable at all. It just isn't me. In the midst of all the angry-ness I got a last minute-ish invite to one of those paint nights. You know the thing, at the bar and then you paint a picture. My default was to say no.... because you know #ShannyHatesEveryone, but I knew I really needed to say yes.


The state of things by Paint Nite, were not much better. I may have told Mike I "wasn't fit for public consumption" at which he laughed.... nervously, and suggested maybe I should cancel. It was a highly appealing thought, but I soldiered on.


This is my, "Oh my Gawd, I can't paint that" face.


The other girls in our group could paint that...


Turns out I could too!

More importantly I had a super fun and great night out with some of my favourite chicks and totally rewired my thinking. Just the break from myself that I knew I needed. Thanks so much for the invite you lovely gals!

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