Saturday, August 06, 2016

sweet summer time

Oh hey... hi there. So lets shorthand this, shall we? Took a little writing break for a myriad of reasons and you know how it goes, the longer the break, the harder it is to get back into the swing of things. So lets see if we can get this rolling again.

We are midway through the hottest summer ever and despite the brain melting heat we are managing to find some summer loving....

Blue Jays baseball (Go jays go!)
The Olympics (Go Canada go!)
Stranger Things (What the hell is happening?)
New to us patio furniture (So much lounging!)
Palm Bay (Pineapple Mandarin Orange)
Iced coffee (Delicious & refreshing)
Pokemon Go (Gotta catch em all)
Volunteering (High school community service hours!!)
Creating (Red ribbon chasing!)

What are you summer loving?

1 comment:

Goofball said...

good to see you online again! good to read you are doing well. I love especially the lounging part.

I'm back at work yet trying to lounge a bit in my spare time and enjoying my little baby and toddler.