Saturday, June 19, 2010

apparently i can't be trusted

I often stop what I am doing outside to come in and take care of something inside, these are almost always kid related interuptions and sometimes I don't always get back to what I was doing in the first place. Now that's not always a big deal.... unless it rains.

Things I have forgotten outside only to have it rain before I get back to it/them are...

Mike's ipod - this one was just recently. I was cutting the grass while the kids were at choir practice and was just finishing up when they got home. I took the ipod off and left it on the table on the deck and then it rained. I'm really pretty dang lucky it still works.

My book - I grabbed a "waiting to be read hardcover" off my shelf and took it out to the pool. I tossed it on my lawnchair, but never actually got to sit down and read it. I usually skim the pool while the kids swim, since they stir up all the skimmable stuff while they're in there. In the end they were done swimming before I was done skimming. I left the book on the lawn chair and then it rained. I'm currently drying it out,

My camera - yep my "fancy" "new" one. I had it out there taking pictures of the kids in the pool. I left it on the slide when I was done with it and had forgotten about it by the time the kids were done swimming. I remembered 45 seconds after the torrential downpour started. I'm lucky it still works.

Our cordless phone - I was on the deck talking to my Mom and I forgot the handset out there and then... say it with me.... it rained. The phone only kind of survived the ordeal. Now it only works as a speakerphone..... kinda.... you can hear the call, but they can't hear you. Luckily we had two more handsets.

So I'm sure you can appreciate Mike's concern now that I'm in charge of ML's laptop.


Julie said...

yeah! you're back. hope you break the cycle soon.

allison said...

Agh! Yeah, once you have kids, you have to compartmentalize so much and dude, there are only SO MANY compartments. I left the window down on our new van in the first three days we had it and guess what? It rained. And hell if my kids don't love that van more than they love me -- my name was mud.