Monday, September 06, 2010

good for the soul

September is well underway and I say let the games begin! September is going to be crazy busy and I'm still rather anxious about parts of if, but this weekend...... this weekend was just good for my soul.

If we're pals on facebook or you follow me on twitter then you already know I spent Saturday shopping with Grandma Linda. Just us ladies. She asked if I'd like to take one or both of the kids with us..... somehow I managed to hold in a very loud HA! and instead politely suggested that perhaps shopping would go easier without a 4 and/or a 8 year old distraction.

It was nice, we wandered in and out of stores and looked at whatever we felt like. Talked about books we've read, books we want to read, and books we just have to loan to each other. I picked up a Christmas present.... a webkinz for Miss Abby. Then somehow we ended up in Old Navy trying on clothes. And me in jeans IN A SMALLER SIZE! I may have done a happy dance in the change room. Okay, I didn't but I did take pictures with my phone and then posted them on facebook and twitter. Hey, I looked good in those jeans. I felt the interwebs needed to know. Even Grandma Linda couldn't keep from complimenting my tush in those jeans. Yeah, pretty awesome! Then we had a great dinner at a little place that had killer pulled pork sandwiches.

Sunday was another shopping trip to WalMart for necessities like Q-tips, deodorant, bras... because I needed smaller bras too.... and a seriously cute pair of shoes to wear to the wedding. Sunday night ML helped me prep for back to school lunches (granola bars and no bake cookies) and for my Mom's birthday dinner the following day. Then we sat and knitted and watched some more GLEE!

Today I spent with Uncle Dave, Auntie Mel, my Mom and TLP. We got to hear all about the Mediterranean cruise she just got back from while we shared a yummy dinner and celebrated my Mom turning 60!! Time spent with my family is just the greatest gift. Even more so when I get to spend time with Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel and Granny. It's not often enough that we're all in the same place. Heck, sometimes we're not even all in the same country, so I truly treasure it when it happens.

So this weekend was just off the charts. I feel very much loved and incredibly blessed.


Julie said...

sounds like a great weekend. and belated to your wonderful mom.

Betsy said...

That is awesome about the jeans! Great job!!